Will My Teeth Stay in Place After Braces?

Will My Teeth Stay in Place After Braces?
Posted on 08/31/2018

Are you seeing an orthodontist for help with misaligned teeth and jaw position?

Are you worried that after orthodontic treatment, your teeth will go back to where they were?

Just as your body changes throughout your life, your teeth change too! As you grow, there can be problems with tooth placement and jaw position. An orthodontist can help transform misaligned teeth into a healthy, radiant smile.

After treatment at your orthodontist, the easiest way to keep your teeth where your orthodontist moved them is to wear your retainer(s) as prescribed!

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, “When treatment is complete, there is a ‘settling in’ period; teeth adjust as you bite, swallow and speak – actions that all place forces on your teeth. These small changes in tooth position are not a failure of orthodontic treatment, but are a natural process.”

If you wear retainers, you should contact your orthodontist if:

  • You notice an unwanted change in your bite or your smile
  • If you lose a removable retainer or damage a fixed retainer (one that is bonded in behind teeth)

If you notice a shift in your teeth after not wearing your retainers, contact your orthodontist right away!

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