Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Get Braces

Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Get Braces
Posted on 04/02/2018
  • Despite how the weather has been lately, summertime is on the way! For kids, that means no school, sleeping in, and having more time to hang out with friends.

    Did you know that summertime is the best time for kids to get braces or Invisalign? We know – it’s not the most fun summer activity, but for many kids, summer is the perfect time to see your orthodontist and get a head start on having a healthier, straighter smile in time for picture day.

    Summer is a great time for braces because with your busy schedule, we know that fitting in appointments while juggling athletic practices, band concerts, and other after-school activities can be tough!

    Summer is great for braces or Invisalign because:

    •    You can schedule appointments without throwing off anyone’s schedule
    •    The summer gives your child time to learn new routines and adjust to brushing and flossing a certain way to take care of their new braces or invisible aligners
    •    Kids who have a tough time adjusting to new braces will have time to get used to the feeling of braces, taking care of their braces, and eating braces-friendly foods before school is back in session
    •    Studies have shown that the greatest growth spurts for kids occur during the long days of summer! It’s ideal for your child to get braces before these spurts happen to ensure your child’s teeth move into their desired positions while they’re growing.

    Of course, not every child will be ready to start treatment in the summer, but it’s an ideal time to get that first appointment scheduled and meet the orthodontist.

    If your child needs braces or Invisalign in Ann Arbor, contact Stieper & Brust Orthodontics today! Our friendly staff will make you and your child feel at ease throughout the entire process of getting braces or invisible aligners.