Summer Party Foods that are Good for Your Teeth

Summer Party Foods that are Good for Your Teeth
Posted on 07/31/2019
Summer brings warm weather - which is a great excuse for a barbecue, graduation parties and camping trips!

When thinking about summer parties, you probably also think about the delicious food! Burgers, brats, s’mores – it’s the best time of year to enjoy these tasty treats. Whether it’s grilling outdoors, or heading to your favorite ice cream place, it can be tricky for those of us with traditional braces or clear aligners like Invisalign to fully enjoy the summer season.

So, how can you serve healthier options that won’t interfere with your braces while still enjoying traditional party foods? We’ve got the answers!

Get the most out of summer with these delicious foods:

•   Choose the right kind of crunch – According to the American Dental Association, carrots, celery and raw broccoli are like natural toothbrushes! They scrub off build-up and stimulate saliva to wash away whatever’s left.

Choose a veggie tray instead of chips and dip at your party to satisfy that need for a crunch, but stay away from the chips that often end up settling in the pits of your teeth.

•   More cheese, please! – A cheese platter is always popular, as are cheeseburgers fresh off the grill! Dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese are low in sugar but rich in calcium, which can strengthen and protect enamel.

•   Go seedless – Help your guests and your own family stay away from seeds by going for hotdog and hamburger buns without sesame and poppy seeds. For fruit options, try to stay away from raspberries, kiwis, and blackberries, which have small seeds that get easily stuck in teeth and dental work.

•   Look out for ice – While ice cubes may seem like your best friend on a hot summer day, they’re no friends to your teeth! Crunching on hard foods like ice can cause broken teeth and can damage enamel. Crushed iced cubes are a better option for your guests – especially for snow cones!

•   Stay away from soda! – You already know that soda and sports drinks are some of the worst options for your teeth because of the high sugar content. Water is one of the best things you can drink, especially on hot days when it’s so important to stay hydrated. To satisfy a sweet tooth, try infused water! You can add fruit to a pitcher of water - which look great as centerpieces - but stay away from citruses because the acids can be harsh on your teeth.

Worried about the cost of braces in Ann Arbor?

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