Am I Too Busy for Regular Orthodontist Visits?

Am I Too Busy for Regular Orthodontist Visits?

Not sure if you can fit orthodontist visits for you or your kids into your busy schedule? Think orthodontic treatments will take too much time? Want to know the truth about our time investment before you start orthodontic treatment?

If you’re considering orthodontics for teeth straightening in Ann Arbor or other services, the regular follow-up appointments might seem like too much to handle with your busy schedule. Most orthodontic work requires months of commitment which can leave you feeling understandably hesitant.

On the other hand you know busy people are taking advantage of teeth straightening services in Ann Arbor every day. So what’s the big secret? Truthfully, a little information goes a long way to understanding you’re never too busy for the orthodontic work you need! Read out quick facts about orthodontic visits to learn more:

•    Short Appointments: the idea of regular office visits for adjustments may sound tedious, but the truth is, these appointments are often very short. You may be able to schedule them during a lunch break or when you’re running other errands.

•    Technology: in the big picture, braces and other kinds of orthodontic work are simple concepts and have been around for a while. So you might be surprised to know that technological advances are actually making orthodontics more efficient all the time. Today’s technology often requires fewer follow-up visits for you than in the past. For example, with braces you might be able to go 6 weeks or more between adjustments.

•    Treatment Type: depending on the type of treatment you opt for, you’ll spend more or less time in the treatment. When you compare invisible braces to standard braces, you may have better aesthetics with the invisible, but they will also tend to take longer to do the same work. If you’re worried about your busy schedule, choose treatment options that are more efficient.

•    Care-Taking: the orthodontist has a treatment plan for you and makes adjustments to the hardware accordingly, but the rest is up to you! Taking good care of your teeth and any brackets, wires, bands, etc. will make treatment more effective and avoid extra trips to the orthodontist for maintenance and adjustments.

•    Age Matters: it’s true that kids are more malleable… the younger the patient, the faster treatments tend to work. Though it’s never too late for braces or other orthodontic work, it’s best to start your kids in treatment as soon as possible if recommended by their dentist.

•    Convenient Scheduling: when you choose Stieper and Brust for services in teeth straightening in Ann Arbor, you’ll be rewarded not only with excellent care but also the convenience of online scheduling. We are all busy and understand that sometimes a phone call to your orthodontist is the last thing you want to do during business hours. With online scheduling you can schedule a time that works for you whenever you can get online.

So the answer to the big question is… no! No, you’re not too busy for regular orthodontic visits. Don’t let your schedule get in the way of seeking services for teeth straightening in Ann Arbor. We can work with you and your schedule to make you smile more confidently. Give us a call today!