How Invisalign Treatment Works

How Invisalign Treatment Works
Posted on 06/01/2018
Considering improving your smile with Invisalign in Ann Arbor?

Do you need a less invasive and more aesthetically appealing approach to straightening your smile? Interested in Invisalign treatment but aren’t sure if it really works?

It’s pretty easy to tell when someone has braces; they’re not exactly one of those things you can hide. But when someone has Invisalign, the nearly invisible alternative to braces, it’s possible you could having a conversation with them and not even notice! For some of us, it might be hard to believe that these invisible trays could really work to straighten teeth as well as metal braces.

Discover how Invisalign treatment works and some of the benefits and you’ll soon trust this method and its proven results.

Invisalign in Ann Arbor at Work

Invisalign treatment is an amazingly simple process that relies on hi-tech imaging and custom-made aligners to make the experience easy on you! Read on to get the scoop on the whole process!

•    Consultation: Chose an experienced provider who is suited to determine if Invisalign is right for you and to develop your treatment plan.
•    3-D Scan: after deciding on Invisalign, you’ll get a detailed 3-D digital scan of your teeth. The scan is pivotal for the highest degree of treatment and care.  
•    Custom-Made Aligners: your 3-D scan allows Invisalign and your orthodontist to design your first set of custom-made aligners to begin shaping your straighter smile. The bpa-free, non-irritating plastic trays help you avoid some of the discomfort that can be associated with braces.
•    All Day and Night: you’ll wear your aligners all day and night to make the process as efficient as possible.
•    Eating and Cleaning: only remove the aligners when you eat and to brush your teeth. When you brush, make sure you clean you Invisalign aligners, too!
•    Upgrades Every 2 Weeks: every couple weeks, you get a new set of aligners which targets a set group of teeth according to the treatment plan devised by your orthodontist. Each set moves your teeth about ¼ mm.
•    Wait 12 Months: typically, after just 12 months your treatment will be complete and you’ll have nothing to do but enjoy your brand new smile! Though a year may seem like a long time, remember that it’s much faster than the average time someone wears braces. And since Invisalign is invisible, it won’t disrupt anything in your daily life.

Trust Stieper & Brust Orthodontics for Treatment with Invisalign in Ann Arbor

Although simple, easy, and nearly invisible, you can see that Invisalign treatment really does work to help you get to your ideal smile! Get started today with a call to Stieper & Brust and set up your consultation! As elite Invisalign providers, you can trust us to deliver the best treatment in Ann Arbor.