Healthy Reasons to Smile

Healthy Reasons to Smile
Posted on 05/01/2019
Did you know that smiling can make you healthier?

If you’re considering the cost of braces in Ann Arbor, these health benefits alone may be worth it!

When you see someone on the street, what makes you feel better – a straight stern face or a smiling happy face? It may seem like a no-brainer but it’s true - your smile is one of the first things people notice about you! It makes you appear more confident, welcoming, relaxing, and will make people want to get to know you. But your smile isn’t just something you wear on the outside. Did you know there are also many health benefits to smiling?

Smiling – regardless of your mood – can improve your health, and even help you live longer, according to a 2010 study done at Wayne State University.

If you’ve always wanted to improve the look of your smile, now is the time! Even if you’re an adult, it’s not too late for braces or Invisalign. You can finally have the smile you’ve always wanted, and reap the benefits.

Studies show smiling can:

1)  Improve your mood – When you’re feeling down, a simple smile can boost your mood. Making yourself smile when you’re feeling sad or anxious helps improve your mood and increases positive thoughts.
2)  Lower your blood pressure – Good news for heart health – smiling and laughing more appear to help lower your blood pressure! Laughter causes an initial increase in heart rate, followed by a period of muscle relaxation and a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure.
3)  Provide stress relief – A 2015 study published in Psychological Science found that “smiling can result in a lower heart rate during stressful tasks”.
4)  Give stronger immune function – Believe it or not, laughter appears to boost your body’s immune system. The Mayo Clinic reports that “laughter and positive thoughts release signaling molecules in your brain that fight stress and illnesses, while negative thoughts decrease your body’s immunity.”
5)  Create better relationships – If you’ve noticed you’re drawn to people who smile a lot, you’re not alone! People who smile a lot are perceived as being more likable, which makes it easier to build and maintain great relationships.
6)  Help you live longer – A study done at Wayne State University in 2010 that linked “smile intensity” to longevity found that “positive emotions, as inferred from smile intensity in childhood photos and college yearbook photos, are correlated with marriage stability and satisfaction”.

Don’t Let the Cost of Braces in Ann Arbor Deter You from Your Dream Smile!

Bottom line: smiling and laughter are beneficial for your mind, body, and overall well-being. If you don’t feel confident about your smile, or wish your teeth looked better, Stieper & Brust Orthodontics can help.

We’ve been helping people feel great about their smiles for years, and we can help you too! We will develop a care plan especially for you, and be up front about the cost and procedures from your first appointment. Don’t just take it from us, listen to some of our happy patients!

These are not fabricated reviews!

“I cannot say enough good things about Stieper and Brust! The office atmosphere is vibrant and upbeat, unlike any other dentist or doctor office I've been to. Between the friendly and knowledgeable staff and their high level of technology, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Both Dr. Stieper and Dr. Brust are personable and amazing at what they do. I always leave their office feeling confident and better about my smile.  My Invisalign treatment through their office has been affordable, convenient and a fun process to watch my teeth shift so quickly! I was nervous to start Invisalign at first but as I near the end of my treatment, I am so happy I made the decision to follow through with it and especially at Stieper & Brust Orthodontics!” – Lindsey C.

“The atmosphere and the staff makes this place the BEST Orthodontics in Michigan. Dr. Brust has transformed my son’s smile. He is no longer afraid to smile. His appointments are always on time and we are in and out.” – A.F.

If you’re considering the cost of braces in Ann Arbor and want to learn more about having a brighter, healthier, and more attractive smile – Contact Us today to learn more about braces and Invisalign and schedule your appointment!