Different Types of Bite Problems

Different Types of Bite Problems that Require Orthodontics
Posted on 09/01/2020

Everyone is different, and everyone has a different smile. Because of that, there are a variety of problems associated with misalignments.

How your teeth grow in, alignment of your jaw, and even childhood behaviors can have long lasting impacts on the shape of your mouth, and could contribute to misalignments. 

Orthodontists regularly see all different types of bite problems that affect patients of all ages. The following types of bite problems are typically ones that need comprehensive orthodontic treatment:

1) Underbite: The underbite is very common, especially among children. When your lower jaw is set forward and the lower row of teeth cover part of the upper row, it can cause rapid tooth wear, damage to the enamel, and stress on the jaw joints. 

2) Crossbite: Posterior and anterior crossbites can affect a single tooth, or multiple teeth. They can also occur with both baby and permanent teeth. A posterior crossbite is when the upper teeth fit behind the lower teeth, and anterior is when the lower teeth fit behind the upper teeth. Crossbites are one of the more serious problems. It can cause a range of issues like lopsided jaw growth, and excessive wearing down of the enamel.

3) Crowding: When your teeth don’t have enough space to grow in properly, crowding occurs. The result is that teeth are jammed together and can overlap, rotate, or even become trapped behind the central row of teeth. 

4) Overbite:  With this issue, the upper jaw protrudes over the lower one – the complete opposite of an underbite. Overbites are also a very frequent issue and are often related to having a small upper palate. If you’ve got an overbite, you could have weak gums, and increased damage to your enamel.

5) General misalignment: When your jaws or teeth don’t line up properly, even if it’s not as severe as an overbite or underbite, it can cause excessive wear on the enamel and jaw joints.

How can My Orthodontist Help with Bite Issues?

There are so many different types of bite issues that affect children and adults, so if you or someone you know is experiencing one of these issues, it’s time to see the orthodontist! 

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