Braces-Friendly Halloween Treats

Braces-Friendly Halloween Treats
Posted on 10/20/2016
Halloween is drawing closer and closer, and as fun as it is to tell scary stories about ghosts and goblins, there's another spooky situation this season that truly gives us a fright: cavities! While we all love to enjoy the candy that Halloween night inevitably brings, those hard, sticky, and sugary treats can do a number on braces and orthodontic equipment. However, there are plenty of delicious treats you can enjoy this Halloween that won't damage braces or teeth. To help you celebrate without breaking your braces, here are a couple of yummy Halloween treats that people with and without braces can enjoy!

Donut Monsters

These are simple, delicious, and require almost no effort to make, so they're perfect for a last minute Halloween treat. Making them couldn't be easier. Pick up a dozen doughnuts (or however many you fancy), at least a dozen fake vampire teeth, some sixlets (or some other small, round candy), and pink gummy treats (Trolli sour watermelon gummies would work well). To make a monster, just stick the vampire teeth into the hole in the donut, drop in a gummy and arrange it to look like a tongue, then place sixlets as the eyes. Viola - a deliciously frightful Halloween treat that poses no danger to braces!

Banana Ghosts & Orange Pumpkins

Here's another Halloween snack that takes no effort and is completely braces friendly - and this one qualifies as healthy, as well! To make the banana ghosts, all you need to do is peel a banana and cut it in half. Towards the pointed end, place two small chocolate chips as eyes and half of a small chocolate coin (or any other flat, round piece of chocolate) for the mouth. For the pumpkins, peel some mandarin oranges and place a small piece of celery (cut to about a half inch in length) in the top to look like a stem. Arrange them on a platter and you've got a yummy, healthy, and braces-friendly Halloween snack!

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